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Ps Vita - get!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 21, 2012, 9:14 PM

I ordered

PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle 3G/WiFi
Dungeon Hunter Alliance
Touch My Katamari
wipEout 2048
PlayStation Vita Card Case
PlayStation Vita Protective Film - Two Pack

just a little while ago ^.^

DA Premium Membership Get!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2011, 6:56 AM

I was waiting specifically for today to get a DA membership ^.^

2 years DA membership for the price of 1.
Can't get any better than that ^.^

I just chose a random journal skin for temporary usage for the moment, but I'll be making my own after awhile. and it will be Umineko themed

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I'm starting to mess around with Sculpey Clay.
Right now I'm making Pokémon Orange Island League Badge Pendants as well as a simple Yoshi egg one too ^.^

So expect some figure deviations soon.

I'll make some Umineko creations as well too. ^.^
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For my Nebraskon 2011 cosplay, I'm going as "Battler the Endless Sorcerer".
So I'm getting my props ready.

I went to Hobbylobby to get supplies for the "Golden Sword Of Truth" and for a better Umineko Signet Ring than I had for my V1.0…

Well I got some large plastic sheets for the sword creation, as well as some golden paper, and other small little materials to make a better V2.0 of the Signet Ring

I was gonna make the Golden Sword of truth light up, but I decided that would be too much work, lol.
But I do have an entire year to work on it, so no biggie ^.^
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4 #1 only dates this year!

1/1/11 (Jan. 1, 2011 New Years Day)
1/11/11 (Jan. 11, 2011)
11/1/11 (Nov. 1, 2011)
11/11/11 (Nov. 11, 2011)

It's an invasion of the #1s ^.^

So In Japan, these dates all together are probably gonna be bad omens, because there are 4 of them.

4 is unlucky in Japan because "shi" which means 4 also translates to "death"

Unrelated to the above, 9 is unlucky as well because "ku" also translates to "agony or torture", lol
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I recently joined a starting Pokémon Splicing-themed Deviantart community.

Join if your interested ^.^

There is a small splicing contest going on there to splice Mudkip and Bulbasaur.
And it ends very soon ^.^
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I was one of the 5 winners from the Crunchyroll's contest in the
Naruto Shippuden baseball cap giveaway.

Here is proof of my victory ^.^…

I don't have any Anime-Related hats, so this is very nice ^.^

I wasn't really expecting to win, because there were most likely tons of people entering and with only 5 winners, I like had hardly no chance, lol.

+ it is free so that's another bonus ^.^

Also the Hidden Leaf Village's logo is embroidered so it's not some cheep hat you find anywhere too.
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I'm gonna make a Nebraskon 2011 AMV entry, a lil more interactive with the people on this forum, so I have 1 question for everyone here.

Which Hetalia character/country parings would you like to see together?

Note: This is going more toward the guy + guy parings, lol.
And they can't already be gay, lol.

My AMV entry for the Nebraskon will focus around the 2 selected countries most liked as a pair depending on what people on here think which would be the best pairings, lol.
And yes you can agree with other people's parings as well. that makes it easier for me as well, lol.

The reason why it's interactive, because I can't make the choice on my own, I have to hear what other's inputs will be in the matter. I'd hate to make a paring which makes everyone angry, lol

And yes, the people's usernames on here and the other forums which select the pairings will be posted at the end of the AMV as thanks.

Also I'm not posting what song that this AMV is for, so lets just say it's for the Comedy Section of the Nebraskon 2011 AMV Contest ^.^

As a Side note, please advertise this, as much as you want. The AMV will be posted on YouTube after the contest is over at Nebraskon Nov 4-6 2011.
I need as much input as I can, so if there are any Hetalia clubs and such, redirect to this Journal.
The more the better ^.^
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Well I got my cosplay Ring thing today in the mail for my cosplay as Sawada Tsunayoshi at Nebraskon on November 5th ^.^

Here are some pictures I took of it with my DSi &

As you can see the rings are on different fingers.
Yes, the large ring part is upside down in the pic as well, lol.
The big part should be on middle finger while the small one goes on the pinky finger.
But they are too small for me unfortunately, and I went to at least 8 jewelry stores
today, and they won't even attempt to resize them >.<

Oh well. at least I got them before November 5th ^.^
They might not go on the right fingers when I wear them, but at least it looks cool ^.^

I still have a whole Vongola Ring set on order which I haven't received yet, but I hope I get them soon as well ^.^
They are of the Ring-version as at the end of the series, lol. You have to watch the series to know what I mean ^.^
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Well I'm gonna start doing journal entries now, lol.
I really haven't touched on this section on DA before, lol.

Anyways, I'm going to Nebraskon 2010

Which goes from November 5th to 7th.

I'm gonna cosplay as "Sawada Tsunayoshi" from the anime
"Katekyo Hitman Reborn"

I already have the outfit ready, vongola rings on order from eBay and
a hat which looks like Sawada's hair with flame being made by
a friend on order as well.
Hopefully I get my rings and the hat received before Nebraskon, lol

I'll post pictures of my cosplay to my DA as well.

Anyway. I'm looking forward to Nebraskon 2010 ^.^

.... Very bad news... My Pictures didn't turn out, but only I could
only find one pic that someone else took, and the pic didn't turn out very good, lol.…

And here is pics they took from the Nebraskon 2010…

as well as here is the Nebraskon forum topic which people posted links
to the galleries of the pics they took this year.…
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